Parry Sound author’s latest book hits the shelves

Global Publishing Group LLC has published Jacqui Morrison’s fifth book called “Shaken No More.” It is romantic suspense and women’s fiction.

Morrison said “It was a five-year labour of love to write, edit and submit my manuscript to publishers. Through the Humber School for Writers, I took the graduate certificate, and I workshopped the novel with mentor Camilla Gibb.”

Marina Demetriou, edited the book and Morrison did more workshopping through her writing group. The writing group came about after a week-long summer workshop at the Humber School for Writers in Toronto.

According to Global Publishing Group …”Tragedy is nothing new to playwright and performer, Meredith Golden. She’s endured the violence of an alcoholic husband, the tragic death of her parents, and abuse from her uncle. To say she is a fighter is an understatement. She is a survivor. But tragedy leaves scars. When Meredith meets Paul, it seems that the past is finally behind her, but when her ex-husband begins stalking her and making new threats, old wounds are torn open. She realizes that peace comes with a high price and ‘til death do us part may be a curse that can’t be undone. As her world spirals out of control, Meredith vows to be shaken no more.

“I am drawn to strong female protagonists, and Meredith Golden is the epitome of resilience, said Jacqui.

Through her back story, you learn that Meredith is an orphan who endured trauma as a teenager. Meredith managed to graduate from university and become both an actress and a playwright. The 275-page novel, is set in New York City in 2015.”

Morrison’s earlier books include “Kaitlyn Wolfe, Crown Attorney, Terri’s Journey, The Vigilante”, and “Escape the Castle.” Her earlier books were courtroom dramas but now she writes romantic suspense.

Jacqui Morrison, writes her novels in Parry Sound where she has lived since 1997 with her husband Wayne Daub.

This release was issued by Global Publishing Group LLC.