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Leeann Burke Review: Review Kaitlyn Wolfe, Crown Attorney by Jacqui Morrison

· Wednesday, October 8, 2008
· By: Leeann Burke
· Category: Lachesis Publishing, Small Press, Book Reviews

I read a wonderful book this last little bit, but surprise surprise it wasn’t a romance. KAITLYN WOLFE CROWN ATTORNEY does have romance elements in the story but it’s not a romance per say. This is a great mainstream/drama book. It’s about Kaitlyn Wolfe’s life journey. It starts when she was a teenager and the prejudice she had to face and then on through the college years and then after becoming an attorney.
What I liked most about this book is that the heroine is proud of her heritage. She might be a minority but she doesn’t care. She plans on being the best she can be. She goes through ups and downs but always chooses the right road, not the easy one but the right one.

Ms Morrison has written a jewel of a book. If you enjoy great real characters then KAITLYN WOLFE CROWN ATTORNEY is for you.